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Escort Passport X70 Review: Is this the radar detector of your dreams?

The Escort PassportĀ X70 has been out for quite some time now. The design of the X70 resembles that of theĀ Ā Escort 8500 X50. This essentially means that theĀ X70 has approximately 4-times the capture rate as a police radar gun which will provide adequate protection in the city. However, the detector does not do as wellĀ in long-range

Beltronics Vector 995 Review ā€“ Radar detector with multiple laser detection

TheĀ Beltronics Vector 995Ā is a mid-level radar detector fromĀ Beltronics. The detector comes with full-band protection againstĀ Ā X, K, Ka, and Ku radar, and also laser detection and Safety Warning System (SWS) alerts. If you are someone who rides a bike and wants to mount the V 995 on your bike you can very easily do that. The

Radenso Pro M Review ā€“ Radar detector with GPS lockout technology

There are not a lot ofĀ radar detectorsĀ out there in the price segment as that of the Radenso Pro M. Priced at around $550 the Radenso Pro M offers quite a lot of features which might convince you to give this ā€ quite expensiveā€ radar detector a try.Ā According to the manufacturer, the Radenso Pro M can

Radenso Pro SE Review ā€“ Special edition radar detector

When you think of a radar detector you always think of a product from manufacturers likeĀ Beltronics,Ā Cobra, Escort, Valentine Research, and Whistler. But for aĀ couple of years now all of this has been changing. A lot of new manufacturers are showcasing theirĀ top of the line products and one such product is the Radenso Pro SE radar

Radenso XP Review: is it the radar detector you are looking for?

The RadensoĀ XP Radar detector can be hailed as one of the most innovativeĀ radar detectors out there. The detector comes with a number of features that helps you stay out of the police radar and save yourself from getting a speeding ticket. Radenso XP Features Overview The Radenso XP offers an LNA equipped antenna board which

COBRA DSP 9200 BT Review ā€“ Radar Detector with amazing performance

Use of Radar detectors is becoming increasingly common these days. From helping you save yourself from a speeding ticket to alerting you of an accident that might have occurred in your route, radar detectors have become more of a necessity than anything else and with their increasing popularity, you see a new radar detector being

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