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Whistler XTR 130 Review – Best Radar-Laser Detector

Do you remember the last time you were caught by some official because of reckless driving? We have a device to rescue you. Radar detectors are the devices that aim to ensure great awareness to the motorist about the speed of the vehicle. So that next time you lose sense from the driving, some law

Escort Max 2 Review – Radar detector with bluetooth wireless technology

A lot of times you are caught while overspeeding and you just start to wonder if you should have bought yourself a radar detector. Radar detector not only help you in saving your hard earned money but they have a number of other useful features as well. But before you buy a radar detector you need

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Review

If you have ever been caught speeding you know how much it hurts to pay for those speeding tickets. That is why so many p0eople prefer to buy a radar detector that can help you save those hard earned money of yours. However, while getting a radar detector you need to look at its price

Escort iX Radar Detector Review

The Escort iX is the newly launched radar detector which claims to be better in terms of features and performance than all other previous models offered by Escort. The detector comes packed in a restyled case that’s around 10mm shorter than the Passport 9500ix. Now, to mount the Escort iX the detector comes with a windshield bracket

Escort Solo S3 Review – Best Cordless Radar Detector

There are not a lot of cordless radar detector that comes out in the market, only two to be precise before the departure of the Whistler XTR-540. If you had previously used or have seen the Escort Solo S2, the Solo S3 retains the latter’s feature set and looks almost identical. Escort Solo S3 Review &

COBRA ESR 800 Review – Radar detector with better build quality

Radar Detectors have been here for some time now but with all these new detectors coming to the market it with so many new features that the earlier model did not have is really exciting. Now talking about the Cobra ESR 800, this radar detector has taken me by surprise. Now the ESR800 is not

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